Emily Luhrs

www.emilyluhrs.com                                                                                               Soprano

Luhrsemily@gmail.com                                                                                          Strawberry Blonde/Blue Eyes

303-888-6038                                                                                                            5'8" / 120 lbs.

Current/Upcoming Projects

Mamma Mia!                                              Sophie Sheridan                             Arvada Center  /  Rod Lansberry & Nolan Bonvouloir
Chicago Theatre

Cinderella After the Ball                            Sleeping Beauty u.s./                     Marriott Theatre   /   Scott Weinstein
                                                                      Rapunzel u.s.

Seussical                                                     Mayzie u.s.                                      Marriott Theatre  /  Rachel Rockwell

Pinocchio                                                    Kitty u.s.                                           Marriott Theatre  /  Domenic Missimi

Regional Theatre

Sunday In the Park With George            Celeste #2/Elaine                            Arvada Center  /  Rod Lansberry & David Madore

The Who’s Tommy                                    Sally Simpson                                 Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma  /  Nick Corley & Keith Levenson
             with Julia Murney                                                                                                     

A Christmas Carol (Menken)                   Emily                                                 Arvada Center  /  Gavin Mayer & David Nehls
            with Richard White                                                                            

Baby                                                            Lizzie                                                 Cherry Creek Theatre  /  Patrick Payne

Putnam County Spelling Bee                  Olive Ostrovsky                               Backstage Theatre Breckenridge  /  Christopher Willard

Joseph...Technicolor Dreamcoat           Ensemble                                        Arvada Center  /  Gavin Mayer & Roberto Sinha

Legally Blonde                                           Greek Chorus /                                Arvada Center  /  Gavin Mayer & David Nehls
                                                                     Serena u.s.          

Hairspray                                                    Tammy / Penny u.s.                       Arvada Center  /  Rod Lansberry & David Nehls
          with Jim J. Bullock


MusicMiracle on 34th Street                   Ensemble /                                      Arvada Center  /  Gavin Mayer & David Nehls

                                                                     Ms. Crookshank u.s.

Temping: A Play With Music                   Ensemble                                         Barrow Theatre Reading Group  /  Jody Madaras

There Is More to Love                              Young Mother                                  Sooner Theatre  /  Hugh Wooldridge

University Theatre

A Funny Thing...Forum                            Philia                                                  University of Oklahoma  /  James Brennan

How to Succeed in Business...               Rosemary u.s.                                  University of Oklahoma  /  Shawn Churchman

Romeo & Juliet                                          Juliet                                                 University of Oklahoma  /  Bob Woods

The Adventures of Pinocchio                  Ensemble                                         University of Oklahoma  /  Brian Hill & Neil Bartram

Sunday in the Park with George              Female Swing                                 University of Oklahoma  /  Shawn Churchman  

Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber               Principal Soloist                             University of Oklahoma  /  Hugh Wooldridge

Film & Television

Chicago Fire: Season Two                       Extra: Club Dancer                           NBC / Wolf Films / Universal Television

Kabby's Tree (Pilot)                                   Storyteller / Vocalist                        KTEntertainment / Alan Currens


The Wolves (upcoming)                          Director                                             Chicago Academy for the Arts

Little Shop of Horrors (upcoming)         Director                                             Sterling College

Suessical                                                    Director                                             Chicago Academy for the Arts

The Man Who Came to Dinner               Assistant Director                           Wagon Wheel Theater

The Deepest Part of the Ocean              Director                                             Denver School of the Arts

She Kills Monsters                                    Puppet/Monster Design                Chicago Academy for the Arts

Columbinus                                                Properties Design                           Chicago Academy for the Arts

B.F.A. Musical Theatre Performance            Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre                 University of Oklahoma (2012)
Voice: Bob Downard, Mandy Jiran & Gwen Walker                                
Dance: Jazz / Modern / Tap / Ballet 

Acting: Lee Neibert, Clay Guiltner, Judith Pender, Shawn Churchman, Paul Christman, Moss Kaplan & Shawn Hann                                                                                 
 Special Skills
Intermediate Piano                                        Juggling (basic cascade)                                                         Props & Puppetry
Heelys & Roller Skates                                  Triathlete, Marathoner & Ultra Marathoner